Psykhe is a personification of the human soul and beauty in Greek mythology. Khmer refers to people who live in Cambodia, the language they use and the culture they developed. Those two words are combined to form our brand, PSYKHME.


Every piece of jewelry is 100% handmade, starting from sketching design, sawing metal to bending into shape. Those works are crystallization of our designer Mania Chen and students in Cambodia. 


All the jewelry is made from land mine and bomb shell metal, placed by different governments and factions during the Civil War in Cambodia in the 1970s and 1980s. The metal is recycled and endowed with a new meaning ’’War can't kill love. Love can kill war.’’


We hope to draw society’s attention to see the fearful scene of wars and how those Cambodian people work so hard to reconstruct their life after disasters. Let’s pray for peace and humanity and help Cambodian with our whole heart. 

Our Calla Lily collection is inspired by nature, representing everlasting happiness and pure love.